Month / October 2009

German Internet Casino Ban May Crumble Internally

The first German state to withdraw from the national ban on online casinos will aolmost certainly not be the last.

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Utah Congressman Says Regulated Online Gambling Likely to Pass

A Representative from Utah says the Frank bill proposing regulated online gambling could advance and pass quickly as Congress nears the end of session.

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Study Says Adolescent Gambling Relates to Disorderly Conduct

A new survey shows that teenagers who display conduct problems are likely to have problem gambling issues as well.

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English Courts Deny Kentucky Jurisdiction in Online Gambling Case

Even while the Kentucky online gambling domain case sits before the state Supreme Court, the English High Court has ruled that Kentucky’s seizure order, if upheld, still carries no weight in the UK.

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 5 of 5): Not optimising betting strategy

(This is the fifth in a five part series on reasons people lose money at casinos).Even if you don’t gamble blindly and never go broke, you will still probably lose more games than you win at the casino due to the fact that the odds are against you. How…

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 4 or 5): Failing to circulate the casino

(This is the fourth in a five-part series on reasons people lose money at casinos.)I can’t understand some casino gamblers. We’ve all seen the player who hits a losing streak, but keeps on tossing hundred dollar bill after hundred dollar bill–all onto…

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 3 of 5): Playing at the wrong time

(This is the third in a 5 part series on why people lose money at casinos.)Anyone who counts cards at blackjack will tell you that there are times when, no matter how closely you watch the blackjack tables, conditions just never become favourable enoug…

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Florida Gambling Compact Wrangling Still Dragging On

Just when it looked like talks over gambling rights for the Seminole Tribe in the state of Florida were resolved, key lawmakers are stirring up controversy.

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 2 of 5): Playing the wrong games
The typical recreational gambler will find that the casino has better odds in all the games (except Texas Hold’em, but it’s not really a casino game anyway). Duh. This is not news.

However, some games are worse than others. From best to worst, the list goes something like this:

1) Blackjackunder 1% disadvantage IF you play using basic strategy. The house edge can even creep into your favour if you count cards and conditions are favourable.

2) Baccaratabout 1.1% to 1.4% disadvantage. More advantageous to bet on the banker.

3) Roulette – assuming every single spin really is random, the odds are pretty lousy. The house edge is 2.7% for roulette wheels with a single zero, but it rises to 5.26% for roulette wheels with double zeroes (0 and 00). However, as we discussed before, roulette games may not be random and your odds can improve if you know how to take advantage of this, or worsen if you yourself are exploited by the croupier. 

4) Sic Bo/Da Xiao (大小) – house edge varies depending on the casino and which bets you’re placing. Betting on big or small places you at a 2.78% disadvantage. Totals of 4 and 17 have a 6.94% house edge if the payoff is 12 to 1 (apparently you have better odds in Macau and Australia), while totals of 9 and 12 give the house a whopping 11.57% advantage. There’s an odds table here. I personally hate sic bo and heartily recommend that you avoid the game given the crappy odds. There is no strategy you can use to improve your chances of winning, and the fact that the dice are covered makes it dodgier.

5) Slots – worst game in the casino, can give the house an advantage of up to 15%. However, I admit I sometimes play this when I have spare change because you don’t have to spend much–but I don’t expect to get much/anything back.

If everybody adhered religiously to the odds tables everyone would be playing blackjack and nobody would be playing roulette, sic bo or slots. Obviously, just because a game offers lousy odds doesn’t mean all players will be losing at those games all the time. Sometimes your luck sucks at the blackjack table but improves when you place random bets at the sic bo table. That’s life. But when your luck is very average and conditions at all tables seem average too, choosing the right games can help you to win a little.

Combine your knowledge of which games are good with some skill and you’ll be much better off.

Good luck!

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Florida Governor Will Use Transit Session to Address Gambling

Florida Governor Charlie Crist may take advantage of a legislative special session to nail down a Seminole gambling compact.

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UIGEA Online Casino Ban May Help Money Launderers

A gaming-law expert says the block on online casino payment transactions may increase rather than impede money laundering.

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Frank Online Gambling Bill Continues to Attract Sponsors

Two more Representatives stepped up to co-sponsor Barney Frank’s online gambling regulatory bill, bringing the total to sixty-one.

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Sports Betting CEO Accepts Job as Soccer Chief

Ralph Topping, the CEO of sports betting operator William Hill, took on a second job as chairman of soccer’s Scottish Premier League.

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Illinois’ Online Gambling May Meet UIGEA Resistance

Online gambling is now licensed in Illinois, but that doesn’t mean the UIGEA won’t interfere with payment processing in the state.

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 1 of 5): Not learning how to play the games properly

(This is the first in a 5 part series on reasons people lose money at casinos.)You wouldn’t expect to speed down the highway without first learning how to drive, or dive into the deep end of the swimming pool without first learning to swim.So don’t exp…

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US Lotteries Expand Monster Gambling Jackpot Games

Powerball and Mega Millions, the two biggest lottery jackpot games in the US, have reached agreement to sell each others’ tickets inside what had been exclusive state divisions.

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Eastern Europe May Be Next Target for Casino Gambling Operators

Harrah’s is making a deal to expand its casino gambling brand into Eastern Europe, making that area of the world one of the fastest-growing for gaming.

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Online Gambling Begins to Gushing Praise in Illinois

Illinois racing officials love the arrival of online gambling to their tracks, but foreign online casino operators are a mite confused.

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5 reasons people lose money at casinos

Coming up soon on Lady HengHeng is a 5-part series on why people lose money at casinos.Here’s a summary of the five reasons. 1. They have not learnt how to play the games properly.2. They are playing the wrong games.3. They are playing at the wrong tim…

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Russian Gambling Ban Causes Online Casino Boom

Online casinos and instant lotteries are the rage in Russia, the result of the government’s ban on land casinos and slot machines.

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Buy your own roulette wheel

There is a games shop at Royal Arcade in Melbourne, close to where I live. The other day I was walking past when I realised there was a roulette wheel in the window! I don’t know anyone else who has actually tried to buy their own roulette wheel, but t…

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Atlantic City Receives Decent Casino Revenue Report

Casinos in Atlantic City are hopeful the recession is ending for them, after seeing gaming results that show revenue decline slowing significantly.

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